Butt Plug XXL
Giant John
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This butt plug is with a diameter of 3 1/8 inches (8cm) the perfect toy for experts when it comes to anal stimulation.

The smooth metal decreases on the top, so that it can be inserted easily. Already after a few centimetres the poles are separated so that the electrical stimulation starts really early.

This feeling can be enjoyed for hours or lead to unexpected most intense orgasms. If one is stressing his or her muscles now, the stimulation is getting more intense at once, and one can –without using one’s hands – increase, control and come to an unforgettable climax.

Made of aluminium and accurately polished by hand. It can be warmed by the heater or cooled in the refrigerator. The temperature is long running and top level feelings can be guaranteed.

Product Information:

    * length: approx. 6 2/8 inches (16cm)
    * diameter: approx. 3 1/8 inches(8cm)
    * weight: approx. 1.070 g
    * material: polished medical aluminium
    * CE-sign
    * 24 months warranty


     * Mystim Round Plug
     * 4 mm Banana Plug Connector